Holistic Therapeutic Counseling for the Best Version of You

Holistic Therapeutic Counseling for the Best Version of You


Meet Roshi


Welcome to Essence of Wellness Therapy!

I'm Roshini Rampersaud, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Holistic Wellness Nurturer.  While I specialize in Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse/Addiction, and Military Families and Culture, I am also passionate about working with open-minded individuals who are dealing with an array of challenges such as: trauma, stress-management, time-management, money-management, interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, and self-care.  I believe that anyone is capable of change, if change is what they truly desire.  Together, we will process the past, effect change in your present, and design the best possible version of your future.


It is my honor and pleasure to guide you on this path of redesigning your life, and creating and nurturing the best version of YOU!  My goal as your therapist is to help you:

· Envision and design your Quality World.

· Clear unresolved traumas

· Process stressors and how they impact your life.

· Equip yourself with mental and emotional tools to cope and live life on life’s terms.

· Create simple, realistic, and attainable goals to effect change in your day-to-day life.

· Love yourself, find your inspiration, and know your self-worth.

· Develop your ability to change your perspective on displeasing or undesired changes in your life—present and future.

· Improve the quality of your interpersonal relationships.

· Decrease your levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.

· Discover and express your sense of self and individuality.

· Focus on your self-care.

· Explore healthy hobbies/activities/outlets.

· Attain a state of balance, peace, and happiness in your life—the true essence of wellness.

Roshini Rampersaud, M.S., LMHC, NCC




Many times, when people hear “domestic violence,” the thought of physical violence enters their mind. While this is certainly a type of domestic violence, it is not the only kind. Domestic violence (interchangeably known as “domestic abuse,” “intimate partner violence,” or “relationship violence”) can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and intimidation (including gaslighting), isolation, verbal abuse (coercion, threats, and blame), economic/financial abuse, reproductive coercion, digital abuse, and stalking. Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence is not caused by alcohol/substance use or anger. While these factors may certainly exacerbate the effects of the abuse, domestic violence is about power and control. Together, we can explore the different kinds of abuse and the cycle of violence, create a safety plan, and guide you on your journey to living a safe and peaceful life.  Read more about trauma and RTM protocol.


In a nutshell, whether it’s one day a month, one day a week, or every night—if you start and you can’t stop; if you experience negative life consequences and still engage in the behavior; if the obsessions and compulsions are overwhelming—you’re likely addicted. Addiction does not only include drugs or alcohol. Addiction can also include, but is not limited to: food, gambling, internet, nicotine, prescription drugs, sex, shopping, and work. Addiction is a chronic brain disease, and in order to combat it, a holistic lifestyle change is in order. Recovery is a lifestyle; a complete change in your way of existing. In the words of one of my past mentors, “Recovery is a profound internal change in your thinking, attitude, and behaviors.” Together, we can explore triggers, relapse prevention, and coping skills to help you create a peaceful and balanced lifestyle.


There is a vast difference between military life and civilian life, and the readjustment process can prove to be challenging and full of irritating obstacles. The traumas a service member may experience during and after deployments can affect not just the service member, but the entire family unit. Whether you are a service member trying to readjust back to civilian life, or you are a military dependent who is trying to navigate the cycle of deployment, I am here to guide you through this oftentimes daunting and frustrating process.  Read more about trauma and RTM protocol.


I approach therapy from a Choice Theory standpoint. "Choice Theory teaches us that we are much more in control of our lives than we realize...Taking more effective control means making better choices" (Glasser, 1998, pg. 4). Pulling from Choice Theory's "here and now" actions of the client, as well as from my own clinical experience, I have created a specialized therapeutic treatment plan called L.I.V.E. Therapy.

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